If you’re thinking about starting a blog for your business, or if you have an existing blog that needs work, this is a powerful tool as part of an overall inbound marketing strategy.

However, blogs take a lot of work to really give you the benefits you’re looking for. You need:  

Regular postings

Readers of blogs expect that fresh content is produced regularly – there’s nothing worse than a blog where the latest post was written six months ago! A steady stream of relevant, effective content is the most important thing to making a blog work.

Search engine friendly

This is achieved through well written copy that includes well chosen keywords, without looking like it was contrived to be picked up by Google.

Clear objectives

Blogs work best when their part in the overall marketing strategy is agreed, and the content built around that strategy. What do you want readers of your blog to think about your business? How should they respond? How will you convert these readers into prospects and then leads?

The one thing that all of these elements have in common is well-written content, tailored to your specific business needs and most important of all, delivered regularly and on time.

As someone who writes blog posts consistently for clients, this is where I come in – I can make your blog really work for you.

 Let’s have a discussion about how we can make your blog as effective as possible.

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